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Cayenne tincture…A must for every herbal moms collection! November 4, 2010

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Cayenne tincture is something I just recently came across when my cousin Heidi came to visit this past summer. Heidi is a great source of information for herbal healing. What we use cayenne for the most in our house is cold season! For my two little boys (Ages: 2years and 6 months) we mix the cayenne tincture with olive oile and massage it into their clean bare feet. Then we take a generous amount of baby vapor rub and place a layer of that over the cayenne and oil mixture. Put comfortable white socks on over the mixture and let them enjoy it! Having done this to myself, I know that it feels wonderful! The cayenne even so far from your sinus area clears your sinuses. That and the vapor rub make a wonderful clearing and comforting sensation. We tend to do it most before bedtime. As an adult with a cold it also comes in handy. I recently had a horrible struggle with bronchitis. My husband warmed our kettle and filled a mug with steaming water. He then added fresh lemon juice and local honey, along with just a few drops of cayenne. The lemon and honey combo is lovely and soothing. The Cayenne has a warming effect and the added benefit of helping to clear out your airways and ease your breathing. From the Greene family..it is most definitely a must have in our kitchen! Give it a shot the next time you or your little one has a cold. (Cayenne tincture can be found at whole foods and some health food stores for approximately 11.00 dollars)


3 Responses to “Cayenne tincture…A must for every herbal moms collection!”

  1. Lisa R Says:

    Great post! I being sensitive to “hot and spicy” things just have never tried this. I have heard and read about the amazing health benefits of cayenne. You have convinced me to give this a try! Even if it is just on the feet. Thanks and look forward to reading more posts! I will tweet your site as well!

    • keeralynn Says:

      Thanks Lisa!

    • greenegirl22 Says:

      Lisa- Thanks for the great feedback! I’m really sensitive to “hot and spicy” things too and I have awful acid reflux. The best way to go about taking cayenne orally is to start small…take only as much as is comfortable and always with lots of water!

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